Hi all,

It is that time of year again (for our neighbors to the south), Thanksgiving. A time to reflect and be thankful towards others turkey_panicwhich have helped us along the way. A recent conversation with colleague and manager has inspired me for this post.

Agility and the journey to better software has taken me to many places (both literally and figuratively). I work more at Organizational agility and transformation then ever before then simply focusing on bottom up approaches with a focus on Software Development Teams. One of the topics which we are now looking into and working to understand its roots is Performance Appraisal or Performance Review. Currently, we are conducting interviews and gathering data in order to get a clearer picture. As of now, with the sample of data that we have, we can see how inefficient and unsatisfying this practice has become within our Organization. Just like making a mad dash for the latest gadgets @ your local Walmart for this lovely Black Friday, when time for Performance Review rolls around, people feel a sense of dread and panic about having to discuss their Performance. The comment that seems to surface the most is the distance people feel towards their manager and their ability to make a fair assessment of their skill or competence. In this age which seems to focus a lot around Social Driven Platforms, people within the Software Industry still suffer from a lack of ability to  sell or explain in concrete terms their desires and aspirations within their company. A clear contradiction which can also be observed is the culture advertised versus the actual culture being exercised everyday by our people. The most apparent of these is Transparency, while we claim to have a culture where we are not afraid to show results and discuss openly about what is required to reach a certain position within the organization this is simply not the case. A clear Transformation is needed to shift the organization towards real Transparency if we are to improve the practice of Performance Appraisal.

In the next post, I shall expose more of our initiative and findings in an effort to share what can be done to improve this conventional practice of corporate america.

Happy Thanksgiving and cheers PS 🙂