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mind-full-iconHello all,

After a long absence, here is a post which expresses some of our latest adventures. I recently read a post by @AlliPolin about how our stories (e.g. past experiences) change as our life changes. I found Alli’s post charming as I was grinning when she talked about “people watching”, it seems that is exactly what I find myself doing most of the time these days, professionally that is. The conclusion drawn by Miss Polin is interesting since I have come to view a lot of my past “trials” quite differently as I engage in new experiences, challenges and functions as of late.

Looking back, I sometimes wished the world was how I pictured it when I was a teenager. A world with endless possibilities which knows no bounds, all you had to do is reach out and grab it. This view quickly changed growing up and accompanied with an increasing rise in responsibilities, this usually occurs when you get your first job (e.g. McDonald’s was mine). Just then my point of view became one where the world took on the shape of a pie, where everyone is scurrying, fighting and vying for a piece. As people close to you come and go, giving you a new perspective, a bit dramatic at times, these “events” change your outlook on life. I imagine this a little like hovering in a constant battle between believing that you finally have a clear picture on things and being served a blurry mess the next moment. As I grew up and learned how the world worked my view of our complex society and interactivity with others changed, which led me to shift my attention to “people”. I suddenly acquired a very high desire to know more about myself and how to better navigate this world of ours with immensely diverse people. This drunken like path of an adventure drove me towards learning more about Agility, scrum and organizational transformation (a.k.a change!). Taking great interest in coaching, the goal, to this day, is to get a better understanding of how to put to good use the observations and experiences life gives you. Taking on this challenge transformed my grayscaled world into a rainbow (minus the unicorns!), opening up possibilities which seemed nonexistent not too long ago. I am amazed at the journey so far and how people can surprise you (very colorfully). This post is about my renewed faith in our ability to change, adapt and be better. Awaken our minds to how others see and experience the world we share. My hopes are to bring awareness to my surroundings and let people imagine a time where the only limit is their imagination.

What are you going to do to change your story?

Cheers PS