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Hi all,

Food for your thoughts. I have been exploring with a fair amount of time the subject of Leadership. What is interesting about this subject is that there is plenty written about every possible aspect of this important organizational pillar. For all the different views and tips on how to be a great leader or better yet, how to groom leadership the no. 1 conclusive statement that can be made is this : Fail early, Fail often!!


Now for those thinking about my Post title and asking themselves what it has to do with all this, I was trying to illustrate that the experiences encountered (saved) is in itself what is necessary for great leadership. By your actions and experiences saved you earn your leadership skills. Let’s be totally clear here. To be an effective leader, a great leader must possess a good amount of the traits necessary for it and also, the skills mustered from hard earn everyday failures! Shout out to Luke for his recent experience, he gets the general idea. Furthermore, the actual skills that I am referring to are none too easy. Striking balance between clarity and incompleteness when setting direction for a department or organization for that matter is not something everyone is capable of. Like great writers such as Richard Hackman and Hirotaka Takeuchi put it, the role of leadership is not one that comes with simple unvirtuous things like a corner office, great pay and running around brandishing a stick to get people to fall in line. It is one that most often than not comes with alot of weight with little room for praise, surrounded by controversy is more likely, just take the recently departed Margaret Thatcher for example.

So remember, while you sit envious of some of your leaders, ask yourself if you have the necessary skills and most importantly the perseverance and patient to garner the weight of as little as a few individuals on your shoulders. Food for thought!

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Thank you, PS