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Hi all,

It is with little enjoyment that I write this post because I am sincerely disappointed with alot of people I have dealt with. Simply put, I sometimes despise human nature and it’s incessant need to control and feel superior. I must say, this may not apply to our every day personnal life, but somehow it seems people need to act like total “Jerk-Offs” when they work.

Dishonesty and guilty pleasure

Now that this is out of the way, let’s consider what it means to be Agile and doing business at the same time. Seemingly, people don’t have a good and a bad on either shoulder but rather an evil and a lesser evil. Collaborative agreements are at the heart of the Agile business model and requires honesty to meet ever demanding requirements on business products being deployed in todays market. It is also very important to be able to respond quickly to this market in order to keep our heads above the water and not paint ourselves in a corner with a bad product for example. In the Agile manifesto you can find a line that reads like so :

Customer collaboration over contract

Now I know what most of you will say, contracts are a necessary means to do business and on this I must agree. I would like to add, does this mean that one can act dishonestly when all parties agree that something must be made and makes sense for the wellfare of the product (Company) to do so, then decide that in light of that work that the contract must still be respected? This is where I believe the evil comes in. I genuinely see a pattern forming where some companies quite like the idea of Agility and agree at face value, unfortunately the see it only on their end. Often times I realize that most situations we find ourselves in are Win-Lose. Believe me that there some great success stories that I could be telling, ones that are truly collaborative and understand the benefits of working towards a common goal of achieving “Just-in-Time” fonctionnal development in order to meet the highest value for their product. I might add that this is all done despite the fact that there is a contract in place.

In light of all this, I believe that it will take a rather long time before the software development industry can take a sizeable bite out of the behavior (habit) that businesses have and keep having. It is true that we have made some inroads and lots of positive out there. Without these great successes these many businesses wouldn’t even be talking (dreaming) about moving forward with adopting new processes or dealing with companies (like ours) that embrace these practices to enable them.

Ending on a positive note, this simply means that I will not be out a job anytime soon!!

Thank you, PS. 🙂