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Hi all,

After a little break (busy with usual Scrum Master antics!), here is a brand new post on the importance of breaking down work that is planned during Sprint Planning.

What most of you have probably observed by now is that in our Profession, Software Development, developers and the likes have a great tendency for underestimating work required to build a working increment of the Product Backlog. That is why as a whole, focus needs to be put on two key factors to enable Development Teams to get a grip on maximising value to Product Owner, therefore the Business. These two factors are the following: Split/Breakdown work and Sprint Goal/Objective

In order to maximize effectiveness and discover unseen work, breaking down implementation elements to less or equal to a single(1) day of work is necessary. The core element of the exercise is to get to the Why the work requires so much time. Team needs to extract the very elements which are seen as problematic by exposing them and repeat these very steps until you get to no more than a day of effort.

The ability to establish a Sprint Goal is great way to focus Team energy and not get caught up in the little things. This is not an easy endeavor when faced with a new Product Owner, therefore it is important for us Scrum Masters to make use of the influence we have to get the Team to react and work together to establish one. The Sprint Goal enables a Team to better organize around their remaining work by having a clear picture of where to go, in the same way the Definition of Done establishes our practices target.

Remember, it is hard work to get Scrum to work and much of the strategies used to make a successful implementation is completly up to you. Sprint Planning is key to a Sprint and therefore must focus around key areas, not futile details which can come up during a Sprint that may or may not be inline with the Goal.

Thank you. PS 🙂