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Hi all.

Felt like sharing today about how many of today’s organizations believe in Fantasy, hence the title.

The fairy tale comes from the belief that they can Predict, to the dot, how and when they can deliver software. The fundamental reason for the shift in processes and methods to creating software is because it is not a Predictive endeavor. If it was, think about it, we wouldn’t be discussing it this extensively because software development would be repeatable and done by some brainless zombie (no offense to all zombies out there). The adoption rate is increasing and the general opinion is positive when it comes to Agility, but it is very much an illusion. Some of these organizations, do indeed, have the proper attitude and reasoning behind adopting these new practices, sincerely though, most of them still believe that it is a Magical way to have a better grasp on Predictability of their development efforts. I have to say, with sad eyes, that like those “Get Rich Quick Schemes” they do not exist. If it were true, we would all be out of a job and I could finally get my project of farming bananas in my tropic paradise underway.

What we are promoting though is attitudes and behaviours that promote “no non-sense” approaches to software development. This means that you actually have to share and be transparent about your practices, quality, relationships. Collaboration is at the heart of this hard, but effective process called Scrum. Everyone would like to think that creative work is simple, but more and more we deal with Complex needs.

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