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Hi all.

I would like to start this post by saying, Scrum is meant to be seen as a toolbox, means to help become better at something which we, as a community of professionals of software, know to be complex. This is why the Scrum process is very lightweight and will remain so. One must be careful of people that try to instore self proclaimed strategies or ideas in the process as being Scrum (i.e. Sprint 0 *BAD*).

It is important to note that in itself and when applied properly, Scrum will give parties involved ways to become more and more Agile. Often times we are met with beliefs that Scrum is a messiah or magical unicorn that will solve every problem the organisation has. The funny thing about that thought is that Scrum is very good at making known the problem areas and making them really obvious to the organisation. This is where we can measure the resolve of the business to move forward with adopting such a process, since it will be met with alot of resistance coming from the people that Scrum is shining the spotlight on. I can hear your thoughts already, “Nothing new there, it’s already been said”, well apparently it needs repeating since we still deal with people and organisations that feel that they have tried and it didn’t “stick” or have not met the, so called, promised results. Please know that there is purpose behind every aspect of Scrum and like good students, we should all know to refer to a Master. For those familiar with Martial Arts, one such principle takes shape as SHU-HA-RI.

Thanks, PS.

PPS: This cannot be a blog without a little ranting !! 🙂