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Hi all.

For all of you out there, I would appreciate your feedback and comments.

One of many issues plaguing organisations is to have multi-disciplinary teams, the biggest issue for building such teams is Overlapping competence. Many out there have written about becoming Agilists more than Specialists, since we cannot afford to rely solely on the back of an individual to get an increment done.

Merriam-Webster defines Team as:

a number of persons associated together in work or activity

As Scrum Master I strongly believe that one of our task is to ensure a proper Team dynamic exists, meaning that each individual that forms the Development Team knows what it means to contribute as a whole not just singularly. In order for that to function properly we therefore have to share in responsability the knowledge required to deliver increments of the Product Backlog. In order to accomplish in the mid-term a balanced Development Team we have to embrace a seemingly difficult practice that comes from XP which is Pairing. If you want to know more about the practice and especially what Pairing is not, see Kent Beck’s book Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change (2nd Edition). It is important to note that members of Development Teams have to have the desire to learn and grow, which surprisingly is not everyone’s case. Therefore it makes it difficult for some organisations to get teams to have the proper competencies to deliver a COMPLETE increment of the Product Backlog. Remember, nobody said it would be easy to build better Software which a business needs. We as Scrum Masters have much of the responsability to make this happen.

In closing, if you want to learn to dance, get a proper instructor at first.

Thanks, PS.