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Hi all. I thought I would actually post an entry on my daily occupation.

Now, I know my title sounds a bit Soap Opera-ish, but the life of a Scrum Master is pretty much a true life “The Young and the Restless”.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on what makes a good Scrum Master and I will start with this, “Make the undesirable, desirable”. I truely feel like this phrase reflects well the frame of mind that we, as Scrum Masters, should adopt. Our everyday involvement with the Team is one of Influence, not control.

We often times deal with Teams that have strong aversions to move away from their comfort zones, the practice of choice for this is “Pairing” and most of the time, it is not done or simply badly understood.

Like my title says, it takes Bold action and a brave persona to get a group of individuals to act as a Team. Therefore, by taking bold action and making suggestion that brings people together not appart.

As a tangible example, one of the reason’s why the Scrum Board works well and is so widely used (recommended) is because it makes a great rally point. You will often hear about “Information Radiators” and the Scrum Board is a perfect example of one. Often times, we tend to forget that one principle and the one I have to remind most organizations of, “Interactions over tools”. Tools are great and can make some Teams better, but it can lead to minimizing levels of communications since members can simply turn to the tool and leave static information that becomes stagnant.

So remember, in the face of Fear because it is what we feel when faced with change, be Brave!

Thanks! PS