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Hi again. I have a might Product Backlog of Posts and I felt I needed to address this subject as soon as possible since I was exposed to it recently.

If I had to choose one event in Scrum which gave organizations the most difficulty (without help) is the Sprint Review. At the beginning of my stay at the clients offices, I covered a few of the Teams events and they obviously had adjustments to make, but overall they were really coming together. The organization has 2 weeks Sprints, so a few days later, the Sprint review was scheduled at 2pm and was appropriately timeboxed (2hrs!).

The problem lies in the execution. Let’s lay this out immediately, Sprint Review is not a show, party or other event involving any kind of confettis.

The client was enjoying a two hour show where multiple Teams presented their work. I already hear people saying, “What’s wrong with that!”..

Problem 1: They presented their work, but without any regard to whether the work was completed or not.

Problem 2: They were applauded as if Gene Simmons had given a solo and for work that was unfinished, untested, etc.

Problem 3: Product Owner was a spectator to the show. Who’s responsible for this product!!????

Problem 4: What ever happened to the undone work? It seems that issues and difficulties were swept under the rug!!

Alright, I think you get the picture. The Sprint Review is a Product Owner driven event where he presents his product at his current state and explains the upcoming direction of it, therefore he has to know the state of it.

Teams are given the opportunity to present the finished work and more importantly talk about the challenges that they faced since they are the ones building each increments. We do not present unfinished work… Expectation Management Nightmare!!!

Lastly, applause and confetti is better reserved for children parties. It is perfectly natural to feel proud and that feeling comes from delivery, quality, sense of accomplishment.

Inspect and adapt, people.

Thanks, PS